Sign in widget; access token showing as undefined

I am having two issues using the latest widget(v. 7.4)(code below), for one I am not getting the access token, it just shows as undefined in the console. I am also not getting address information being returned even though I can see that its mapped properly and values are populated in okta, any help would be appreciated.

const oktaSignIn = new OktaSignIn({
baseUrl: baseUrl,
redirectUri: redirectUrl,
clientId: clientID,
useClassicEngine: true,
authParams: {
issuer: baseUrl ,//+“oauth2/default”,
scopes: [‘openid’, ‘email’,‘profile’, ‘phone’, ‘address’],
responseType: [‘code’,‘id_token’, ‘token’],

  oktaSignIn.authClient.token.getUserInfo().then(function(user) {
            .then(({ accessToken, idToken }) => {
              // handle accessToken and idToken
              console.log("access token/address: "+accessToken.value+":"+user.street_address);
          }, function(error) {
             el: '#okta-login-container'
          }).then(function(tokens) {
            const idToken = tokens.idToken;
            const accessToken = tokens.accessToken;
           console.error("values: "":"":"+accessToken.accessToken);
      }).catch(function(err) {
        console.error("THere is an error: "+err);

What I see is a wrong sequence of calls. You need to get .getTokens to the upper level, if you want to get access token, as .getUserInfo only tries to obtain an id_token for you