OktaAuth authClient.token is undefined

I am attempting to use OktaAuth to get user info but the authClient.token is undefined so the call is not working. See setup below.

result of new OktaAuth - authClient is defined

authClient: {“options”:{“url”:“https://iimssnc.oktapreview.com”,“storageUtil”:{“storage”:{}}},“userAgent”:“okta-auth-js-server2.6.0”,“tx”:{}}

authClient.token is undefined so getUserInfo cannot be called.

authClient.token: undefined

const OktaAuth = require(’@okta/okta-auth-js’);


const authClient = new OktaAuth({
url: ‘myurl’,
clientId: ‘myclientid’,
redirectUri: ‘myredirecturl’

const userinfo = await authClient.token.getUserInfo(token)
.then((user: any) => {
logger.info('res: ’ + JSON.stringify(user));
.catch((error: any) => {
logger.info('error getting okta user info: ’ + error);