Cannot use custom attrib as custom application username value

I am trying to get the AD GUID as the application username in a saml app. I have created a new attribute and assigned it to users coming from a specific AD directory. the new attrib is titled guid, i cannot assign user.guid to the custom app username field, I saw the link below but I do not see an override option in profile editor > app > mappings > okta to app. All it says is " Username is set by"

The application username format for SAML applications is controlled on the Application → Sign On tab, not within the mappings directly.

so in the “enter an expression field” i type user.guid and it errors saying “guid” is invalid

Please review the form to correct the following error(s):

  • Invalid property guid in expression user.guid

Does guid exist in the Okta User profile itself? If its coming from Active Directory, try to map this value from the AD User Profile into the Okta User profile first.

This is in the okta user profile
GUID GUID string Custom

And this is in the ad user profile mappings for one directory of two

appuser.middleName ==> GUID

Did you check to ensure you’re using the right variable name for this attribute in the expression for the SAML application? If you’re not sure, share a screenshot of how you configured the attribute in the Okta User Profile and how you are trying to configure the “Application username format”

ughh for some reason all my image uploads are failing, they are tiny too like 4k…no worries, i’ll just create a ticket with support

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