How to configure username in Okta without having Active Directory for my application

Hi ,

We are thinking to publish our multiple applications for SSO.
But none of our applications user is a part of Active directory services. The users in our applications are stored into respective applications database only, and using forms authentication they login to respective application.

But we need a single login mechanism for all our application, so without having Active Directory, can we make this possible using Okta as a identity provider for all of our different application.
Each of our application is under different domain.

Could you please provide your feedback.


Okta provides a native directory for your users and doesn’t require Active Directory. You can create users via the Admin UI or the Okta API. Each users needs a unique login in the Okta directory. The end-user will use this login to sign-in to Okta. Once the user has a session with Okta, they can SSO to any application assigned to them. The user can have a different username for the application if needed (Sign On tab for the app). This is managed via a mapping that is applied when the user is assigned to the application.

You can customize the mapping to meet the application requirements. You can also override the a user’s application username on a per-user basis via the assignment

Thanks for your answer!
I also would like to know Which one will be better option for assertion among SAML and OAuth.
I know SAML well, but don’t know anything about OAuth, Could you please explain in brief. I saw Okta provides support for OAuth as well.

Can we insert multiple users in bulk into Okta’s native directory through Okta api. I assume Okta native directory means a Okta database where they store the users information.

Which are the required fields , I need to send to Okta for adding user in Okta System?
What kind of security Okta provides, How can I trust my users information is secure in Okta System, and this will never get misused any way.