Can't Access Developer Console

I was playing around the other day with SAML configuration for a sample application. I was following a Blog post or README which I can’t locate anymore. I had been able to access my developer console all day without issue and then all of a sudden it started redirecting me to http://localhost:8080/doit (something I had configured with SSO). Now I don’t know how to get back into the developer console to fix the issue. I’m stuck in an endless loop. The post I was reading mentioned this would happen but that you could always access the console manually by entering a specific URL. Can anyone tell me what this is?

I swore it was something like but I can’t figure it out. Everything I try keeps me in the SSO loop sending me to http:://localhost:8080/doit.

Your developer console URL should be something like For example, mine is You should have this URL in a welcome email.

You could also try clearing your cookies or running your browser in incognito mode.

Yes. That URL is exactly what sends me into the redirect loop because of a setting I made with an Authorization Server relating to SSO. I tried incognito before but it’s not something local, its a server setting.

You can always access your organization at https://{orgname}

If you setup a default IDP, okta will re-direct any browsers trying to load the main login screen, but the /login/default route does not apply that logic, in case you accidentally set up an incorrect re-direct.

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Thank you! That is exactly what I was looking for. It didn’t help that I
couldn’t describe what I did succinctly either which you hit right on the
head… I set up a default IdP. Much appreciation for the help.