Can't login to custom domain

We are trying to setup a custom domain on Okta. We’ve followed the online documentation and are now at the point where the setup appears right in the Okta Developer console and our custom domain routes back to Okta.

The issue we have is that when we route to the login page via our our custom domain, it is not possible to log in, i.e. the login page doesn’t recognise any user and refuses the login.

We’re testing this by just going directly to our custom domain in the browser and expecting the login to take us to the developer portal.

Additionally (but don’t know if this is relevant), our logo that setup in the developer portal does not appear in the login screen when routing there from the custom domain.

Our setup is as follows:

Would really appreciate if anyone has a suggestion of what we have done wrong?


Hello Ian,
For system issues like setting up a custom domain name you should post questions to this forum. They have much more knowledge related to issues like this. This forum mostly deals with developer integration issues.

I did navigate to and the certificate appears to be for
The other forum is more knowledgeable in this area however.

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Thanks for the info Erik, I will repost.

And thanks for pointing out the certificate issue. It appears to there’s a separate DNS config issue that has been introduced and we’ve regressed further!