Unable to verify custom domain


Hi, all,

New to Okta, but feel this should be rather simple. I’m trying to use the custom domain option and I get to the second step that requires you to create a txt record on your domain. It fails every time with no explanation and no suggestions about where to go next if you can’t get it to resolve. I’ve pasted the key output below of dig defiantduck.com txt at the very bottom of the message.

defiantduck.com. 360 IN TXT “_oktaverification.defiantduck.com={key ommitted}”

Assuming the key matches and I’m trying to use defiantduck.com as my domain, do any of you see anything wrong with my txt record? The error just says that the domain can’t be verified and I’ve tried all sorts of different patterns like using quotes or not, or using just _oktaverification=keyvalue and nothing is doing it for me.

Also, sort of related. Is there a process for renaming your subdomain from the dev-xxxxx format (I’m obviously on the free tier).

Thanks in advance for any help.



It could be a DNS propagation delay based on TTL, if you query from an online service such as DNSStuff do you see the record?


I saw it within minutes.