Custom Domain With Wildcard Certificate

Can i use a wildcard certificate with Okta or do need to buy a custom certificate for the subdomain?

I’d like to use a subdomain like where i have a wildcard cert for

Thanks in advance!


I also would like to know this


Did you figure this out? I cannot get our wildcard working with the custom URL.

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I haven’t found a solution. Are there any Okta support folks that could help us out?

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I’m still sorting it out myself

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Anyone figure this out?

I tested it in a dev tenant and it shows an error that the CN on cert much match the domain specified so I would assume at present wildcard certs are not supported. I note however that Okta Identity Engine ( has support for multiple branded subsidiaries so perhaps they will support it when that feature flag is GA

Are you still receiving errors? These guides describe the process in depth and provide further insight.