Can't use CDN - Invalid Regular Expression

I am new here and in the process of experimenting and testing out things with Okta and have unfortunately run into an early roadblock. I am simple trying to use the latest provide CDN code on my page and I am running into a error unfortunately.

The error states: Invalid regular expression and is on line 206 of jsonpath.js

I have attached a screen shot of my error for reference.

The live URL I am testing this on is:

Has anyone encountered this error or know how to fix it?

Thank you,


I’m not seeing the attached screenshot, but it when I have seen this error in the past, it was due to an issue with the local environment. A few clarifying questions:

  • Do you still get the error after “restarting” your environment?

  • Are you working off of a guide or anything similar?

  • Which version of the cdn/widget are you attempting to load?