Can't Use LocalHost Callback URI for Self-Service Registration

Hey there,

I’m attempting to create an Application that uses OKTA for User management. I was following some guides online and have created my application on OKTA with the Login redirect URIs : http://localhost:5000/authorization-code/callback, I’ve created my Auth Token but I’m getting stuck with enabling Self-Service Registration. When I try to use a Default Redirect (Custom URL) and set it to be a http://localhost:5000/ it just gives me an error saying it’s not a valid redirect URI. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

edit: essentially trying to do what’s in the prerequisites ( here but it’s not allowing me to.

edit2: Nevermind, it worked eventually :slight_smile:
Any help is appreciated,


Tom: when I’ve seen “it’s not a valid redirect URI” in the past, it was because I hadn’t added it as a Trusted Origin under the API menu.