Why doesn't my redirect_uri work?

I’m trying to enable and configure Self Service Registration and redirect to my app’s home page.

I have a Single Page Application with just “Authorization Code” and “Require Consent” checked.
The URL has been added to “Login redirect URIs” as https://foo.netlify.app/
And “Logout redirect URIs” as https://foo.netlify.app
My homepage’s URL is not in “Login initiated by” at all.
“Login initiated by” is App Only
https://foo.netlify.app/ is added as a “Trusted Origin” with “Type: CORS”

When I edit the “Default redirect” field on the Self Service Registration page to https://foo.netlify.app/ or https://foo.netlify.app and try to save, I get https://foo.netlify.app/ is not a valid redirect URI

What am I doing wrong? Does anything stick out?

Thank you in advance to anyone who helps with this. “Not a valid redirect URI” is a common problem of mine when working with Okta.

Can your ensure that https://foo.netlify.app is added as a Trusted Origin for Redirects as well? This needs to be configured if you want users to be redirected to this application after they register.

That was exactly the problem! Thank you so much Andrea! :smiley: