Change password directly without Okta web console

Does Okta have an API to send “change password” URL to the user (or widget) ?

Okta has “change password” API.*change-password

However, it requres oldPassword/newPassword as input parameters. It means that our system needs to temporarily store password on memory when I integrate Okta with our system. Due to the security reason, we would like to avoid storing password in our system and directly input password to Okta. Our user will not use Okta web console directly.

I found we can send “reset password” URL to the user.*reset-password

However, it is not “change password” because user status is changed.

Can we have a good solution ?

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I have entered the reference link by mistake, so I will post it again.

How about the Forgot Password operation with sendEmail set to true?

Hello warren,
Thanks for replying.

When I click the link on the email, the following screen (password-reset screen) is displayed. Can I customize this screen with Okta? (I know we can customize the sign-in screen on Okta.)

I want the wording on the screen to look like the password change screen.

I wonder if you can try modifying the text for these properties in the widget?

thanks for replying.

I have confirmed the guide below. (“Okta Sign-In Widget Guide”)

The guide said:
“If you would like to customize the Widget, then you will need to host it yourself.”

Is it possible to customize the Password-Reset-Screen hosted by Okta using the Okta Sign-In Widget?