Customize change password screen

Is there any way to customize the Password reset screen? I have been browsing in the Okta options and documentation without any success. Right now the reset password screen looks like this:


I want to change the design of this page with the branding of my company.

Please let me know if this is possible.

You can always build you own UI for this functionality and host it

@phi1ipp Could you please elaborate more on how to do it? An alternative that I was thinking is to create a password reset page, and use the “Set password” API call to set the password from this page.

But I would prefer to avoid doing this and using the Okta page that have this functionality built in.

You are correct about the page. You can even do it with changePassword api (from authentication collection).

I don’t think Okta allows to customize its internal UI pages, except Login page


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