To create custom screen for login, forgot password and change password


I’m working on an OKTA + Angular Application integration for a customer who wants a custom login, lost password, and change password interface according to the UX design.
Is it feasible to develop a totally customized screen with OKTA actions that follows the UX design?

Lekhraj Panjwani

Hi there!

The short answer is yes, you can develop a totally customized auth experience with Okta.

The better explanation is there are 3 ways you can add Okta to your Angular app, each has its pros, cons, and liabilities.

  1. Redirect login - this is where you redirect the user to an Okta-hosted webpage. This is what we on the Dev Advocacy team recommend as it is the most secure option, however it does have limited customization.

  2. Embed the Okta Sign-In Widget - this is where you embed Okta’s Sign-In Widget into your application. This is less secure than redirect, but you have more customizability. If you need more customization than the redirect option, look at this method.

  3. Fully custom - this is where you don’t use Okta UI elements at all and can roll your own. It is the least secure option, but you have complete customizability.

I’ve included some links to our developer docs for these 3 methods which include links to sample apps.


Widget

Fully Custom

There are also blog posts you can peruse for each of these 3 methods

Feel free to reach back out if you have any questions!

unable to clone sample application
git clone


I realize it’s been months, but I just saw this reply. Were you able to resolve the git clone problem and find a solution for your design needs?