Changing Password Requirements

I am evaluating switching from Auth0 to Okta. I’ve successfully integrated the JavaScript client API into a React client app. When registering a new user, I have found Okta is applying a policy/requirements that user passwords must conform to. The passwords must be 8 characters, contain a number and a mix of UPPERCASE/lowercase letters. This is not the policy I would like to have for passwords. Is there a way to customize this configuration?

Wow. I happened to stumble upon the solution to this right after posting the question. In the top header there is a string of text that I didn’t realize was a link: <> Developer. Clicking this opens a menu where you can switch to the “Classic UI.” In the Classic UI there are more application settings including Password requirements.

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Happy to hear you figured it out. Please ask if you have additional questions.

Still helpful two years later, thanks!