Customizing copy/messaging on okta widget

I’m trying to change the copy of the “subschema-error” element on the registration page, the one that at default reads “At least 8 character(s)”.

I’ve looked in for the messages. These are some of the candidates:

registration.error.password.passwordRequirementsNotMet=Password requirements were not met
password.complexity.length = at least {0} characters
registration.passwordComplexity.minLength=At least {0} character(s)

I tried overriding them in config but it’s not working at all. The text in the element isn’t changing no matter what I do. I’m trying to change it to read “Use at least 8 characters.”. How would I go about this?

Hi @saisp

It seems that registration.passwordComplexity.* fields are immutable. Please open a support from the Okta Support Portal or by sending an email to to have this issue further investigated.