Clear all the active session for a particular user on logout

When clearing remote session of okta using /logout endpoint, it is not removing all the active sessions for the user.
Endpoint I used

user A has logged in to 2 applications secured by Okta using single sign on feature. Now, IF user A do logout from one application, he should be logged out from both.
Can you please help to find out way to clear all the active session in okta?

Thank you

Sorry didn’t get your point. How this redirect will help?

i have gone through this
but it didn’t help me out

Ok, so let me take it back and ask you first:

  1. how is your session for application B handled?
  2. are you able to confirm, that after signing out of A your browser session to Okta is terminated?

The logout endpoint will only end the user’s session within the same browser they are redirected.

If you are looking to end sessions across other browsers, you can make a back-end call to the Users endpoint to delete all of a given user’s active sessions, including the option to revoke all issued access and refresh tokens.

In the documentation, there is a note that says it does not apply for web sign-in. So don’t end sessions across other browsers, correct? If it is correct, is there another way to do this?

" Note: This operation doesn’t clear the sessions created for web sign in or native applications."