Which API call should use to clear session from ALL applications. (OIDC Application)

Hi Team,

Tried calling “api/v1/sessions” but receiving error “Failed to Fetch”.
Please suggest which api call should i use.


To end the application session itself, or just to revoke tokens?

As each application manages its own session, only these applications themselves are able to close the application session. From the Okta side, you can end the user’s IdP (Okta) session (e.g via a DELETE to /api/v1/sessions/me) OR revoke their refresh tokens. You cannot revoke a user’s SP (application) sessions from the IdP side.

@andrea I am trying to user /logout endpoint however, getting bad request. I guess /logout endpoint will solve my purpose.

Can you please help to suggest what should be done differently. I am sharing the reference link here for the question raised

Thank you.