CND vs NPM vs git

Is there a mapping from git branch version to npm version to versions stored on the CDN?

the same as
npm install @okta/okta-signin-widget@5.0.0 --save
git clone -b 5.0

does look like npm has ‘5.0.0’, ‘5.0.1’, ‘5.0.2’
and the CDN seems to match with those options available as well,
while git only has that 5.0 branch How are versions labeled?

I talked to engineering about this today. Below is their response:

Our git branches reflect the minor versions only, which are simply updated when new patch versions are released. (so 5.0 branch represents the latest in the 5.0.x series). Each patch release should be tagged in the git repo but doesn’t get a branch.

Also, the main branch represents the current minor version - it doesn’t get a separate branch until the next minor version is released.

This has been in migration for the past few months, so not all of the JS repos follow this pattern yet.