Okta React Client update

Hi Team .
Okta React Client npm is releasing versions frequently , what is best practice of updating our solution’s npm, we are still using @okta/okta-react v3.0.7 , what advantages we will get by updating to latest version. Please suggest best practices , Thanks in advance

I would follow the project on GitHub to see when releases happen. You can see them at Releases · okta/okta-react · GitHub and decide if you have any issues that’ve been fixed recently.

Thank you very much for your suggestion mraible.

one small clarification mraible. what is meaning of this table

Version Status
5.x :heavy_check_mark: Stable
4.x :warning: Retiring on 2021-12-09
3.x :warning: Retiring on 2021-08-20
2.x :x: Retired
1.x :x: Retired

what is meaning of Retired and Retiring , we should not use those for okta SSO implementation , they still support okat SSO implementation but no enhancements. we are using 3.0.7 we have no issues , if this version retire on 2021-08-20 it still works for Okta SSO implementation right ?
Please clarify