Okta-spring-boot 1.2.x safe to use after "retirement"?

I’m looking into supporting an application that my company is creating, and although we are looking at upgrading our version of spring boot from 2.1.11RELEASE to something more current, in the event that we are too deeply entrenched in spring boot 2.1.11 (which has yet to be determined) are there going to be any issues that exist with version 1.2.x of okta-spring-boot that would cause people to say that we shouldn’t use that version? I see that 1.x.0 versions of okta-spring-boot are going to be “retired” in September of this year. Does that mean we absolutely should not use those versions or does it just mean that it will be safe to use but just not be maintained anymore? My company should eventually be upgrading their infrastructure, so I’m just trying to figure out my best option(s) for moving forward in the short term. Thanks in advance.

I’d worry more about Spring Boot being end-of-life (EOL) than I would the Okta Spring Boot starter. The Spring Team stopped releasing updates and security patches for Spring Boot 2.1 in November 2020.

Thanks for your reply. I agree that the version of spring boot is a concern. At this point I’m trying to triage my options. My first choice would be to upgrade our version of spring boot and then this question becomes a non-issue. In the event that the short term (however long that is) does not allow for a spring boot upgrade I just wanted to know whether there are any concerns with using 1.2.x of Okta-spring-boot as a interim solution. I’m guessing that since you didn’t mention anything that it would be ok?

It’d be OK, but it’ll be similar to Spring Boot in that it won’t be supported after its EOL.