Configure Apache mod_auth_openidc with Okta

We have a requirement to replace Google IDP with Okta, currently we are using mod_auth_openidc module in apache which sends request to google idp for authentication.

<Location "/idp-discovery.html">
    Require all granted

# this variable should be set by docker
Redirect  "/logout"  "${LOGOUT_REDIRECT_ENCODED}"

OIDCRedirectURI "https://${HOST_NAME}:${PROXY_EXPOSED_PORT}/openidc_callback"



OIDCMetadataDir /usr/local/apache2/mod_auth_openidc/metadata


#OIDCProviderMetadataURL ${OIDCProviderMetadataURL}
#OIDCClientID "${OIDCClientID}"
#OIDCClientSecret "${OIDCClientSecret}"

Please can you share the article/steps that needs to be configured on apache in order to send user authentication request to Okta while using mod_auth_openidc