Configuring MVC app to use Okta Configured IdP

Hello I am new to Okta. I have an app that uses Okta for one domain and for another domain it is to use the Okta configured IdP. Currently I can get it to prompt the ADFS page for the Okta configured IdP however it is through a Redirect in the controller and is not functioning properly.

The Okta login domain is configured through UseWsFederationAuthentication in the ConfigureAuth(). The other domain should use the Okta configured IdP and I have not come across an example of how this may need to be configured in the ConfigureAuth(). The IdP only has a IdPID, SAML metadata, Assertion Consumer Service URL and Audience URI for identifying the IdP.

I have tried setting the authenticationProperty.Dictionary.Add HomeRealmPageUrl however this did not redirect to the Okta IdP page. The HomeRealPageUrl is set to the /sso/saml2//home/template_wsfed//XXXX

So I am able to launch the URL through a redirect call but then when it redirects back to the app after successfully logging in, IsAuthenticated is not set to true.

Any suggestions or guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you.

So I am wondering how one would configure the owin middleware to use the Okta configured Identity provider if you do not have a clientId or client secret?

Any guidance or suggestions would be appreciated.