CORS error using new custom domain

So I need to create a Custom Domain URL so I can modify the signin widget code in the Okta Admin. The reason why is Okta will time out if you sit on the signin screen too long and it loses all state info of whoever redirected to it. That leads to users ending up at the Okta dashboard. After talking with the Okta architects, they recommended we use a custom domain URL instead of a global redirect. The reason why is in the HTML I can add a Timer function and after 5 or 10 minutes I can use the redirectUri in the context to redirect the user back to the original app. It’s cleaner this way because a global redirect redirects everybody to a static landing page and that would require all of our dev groups to agree on what this landing page would look like and function. Yeah right.

So our DevOps team created a new domain using Cloudflare and made all of the changes in Okta. It appears to have worked but I’m confused as to how to test that it truly works. So I made changes to the auth server to use this new domain in the issuer. I also changed the issuer in my application to the new domain. Then I changed my javascript config to use the new issuer. But when I attempt to redirect to Okta to sign-in, I get CORS errors in the console. http:/localhost:8080 is already in the list of trusted origins. It’s never changed. If I go directly to I see too many redirects. It’s been almost 24 hours since they clicked on Finish.

I’m stuck at the moment. I did use OpenDNS and it finally shows the all clear and I did flush the cache. Any other ideas?


Hello Patrick,
I suggest opening a support case with Okta Support.
I have setup a custom domain with Cloudflare in the past and it only took about 20 minutes. It could be an issue with the setup.

Hello erik,

I went ahead and opened a ticket. Thanks!

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