Count number of rows in a table using Workflows

I’m trying all kinds of ways to get a count of how many rows I have added to a table in a Workflow, while I am building a list of all Apps for All users using a nested Workflow. It dumps all Apps into a Workflow from a Google Sheet, and then reads all users assigned to that App, and then writing all the users of that App (all Apps) to a table. I’m bumping up against the 100k row limit, and can dump the rows below 100k to a file, clear all rows, and then repeat. Getting the count of Rows in a table seems seriously elusive. I’ve tried al manner of counts being added through iteration, but with concurrency, and needing to set a row seed number that gets passed in each iteration, I cannot find a way to effectively do this.

Why isn’t there a simple function in the Table section to just return the number of Rows? Is there such a function and I am just too dense to find it? Please help!