Create a Secure Chat Application with Socket.IO and React

Create a Secure Chat Application with Socket.IO and React

This tutorial shows you how to create a real-time chat application using JavaScript and Socket.IO.


need to make some popcorn and sit back to read this. looks nice. thanks!

Sachin Ananthakumar

Yeah !!

tom lewis

Thanks for this post.
I got to the step where it says NPM start on the client and it says “compiled successfully” and says:

You can now view chat-client in the browser.
Local: http://localhost:8080
On Your Network: (I replaced w “x”)

here is the thing, my server is a virtual server hosted by Dreamhost. I am obviously missing a very primitive piece of information but I dont understand what to do next. it appears the server and client are both active but…I dont even know what to ask next.

any guidance would be appreciated.

Matt Raible

Hi Tom,

I’ve never used DreamHost, so I’m not sure. Maybe their article about locating your IP address will help? If it doesn’t, I’d recommend asking their support, or posting this question to Stack Overflow, where it’ll have a wider audience.

tom lewis

thanks for the reply Matt.

Holger Schmitz

Hi Tom,

In addition to Matt’s advice, you will need to modify the login callback to match your configuration. Wherever the tutorial mentions localhost, you should replace that with your IP address or domain name if you have one. Also note that the tutorial shows you how to start the application in your test environment. For information on deploying the application publicly, I advise you to look at React’s documentation on Creating a Production Build.