Create Cloudflare JWT from Okta Session ID

Hello, I am trying to make API requests to my company’s Jira instace. This requires me to authenticate with Okta first. I have authenticated with the Okta API, then created a Session token, however I’m not sure what to do with that session token.

When I make a request to the Jira API in Python, it redirects to a cloudflare page asking me to sign into okta. I surmise that I need to pass a CF_Session cookie (the JWT) in order to avoid this redirect, which means that I need some way to convert an Okta session into a Cloudflare Session.

As a non-administrator of my company’s Okta, I don’t have access to things like Secret Keys. Do I need to personally have this key in order to create the JWT, or is there some kind of API endpoint where I can exchange an Okta session ID for a JWT, which I can then use to create a JWT in Cloudflare? Or do I need the actual secret key?

I believe you need to include the access token as the bearer token header in the api call to Jira.

This link will probably explain it better than i can.