Create users from my webapp


I’m using Okta to authenticate my app written with React.js and now I think I need to create new Okta Users from within my web app.

Basically, some “administrator” users should be able to create new users so said users can login too, maybe even in a different application.

At the moment the only way to add users is through the Okta dashboard (which is great) but I really need to do it programmatically because I use an external database with a user table I have to link to Okta users to: doing this manually is not possible.

In a nutshell:

Create Okta user --> Get created Okta user ID --> Create user in my db using the unique Okta user ID

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Okta has SDKs that support user operations. You should be using that in your webapp

Nodejs -
Java -

There are other languages supported as well. You can check the whole list here -

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Thank you for the links!

I’ll have a look right now, but i imagine i can seamlessly implement it in my already-protected by Okta React app?

Edit: Can’t find information about using the Okta API from my .NET Core backend! I thought communicating with Okta from the backend instead of the frontend React app would have been a good idea but at the moment i can only find docs for other languages.

Sorry for the late reply. Is this something useful for you? -
You should be able to use this from your .NET Core backend.