Custom angular user creation

We’re building an application with an angular front-end and a .net Core back-end. The back-end is unaware of Okta and is using JWT to authorize the front-end. We are not using the Okta sign-in widget, and instead are using @okta/okta-auth-js to authenticate our users. All of that is working - we create the users in Okta, then allow them to login, which creates a local user in our database.

We’re now at the point where we’re trying to allow users to self-register. We do not want a verification email, and we want to use custom UI (again, we’re not using the widget). Thus far I haven’t been able to find any way to do that with the existing library. Do I need a different component for self-registration, or do I need to drop all the way down to the REST APIs and talk to Okta directly with HttpClient?


okta-auth-js does not have anything for identity management. You need okta-sdk to be able to create users in Okta. Check, which will require you to create an API Token with admin privileges to allow user creation/modification

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Thanks for the response, phi1ipp! I’ll take a look at the dotnet sdk.

I’m looking at the .net core sdk and it appears that it requires me to have an API key, which I don’t have since my app is a SPA. Do I need to have separate apps for the .net core API and the angular application?

You need to host the API Key in your back-end, so your SPA only request from the back-end to register (create) a new user in Okta