Don't know how to start: Authentication asp .net core

I am new in the world of okta. So far it looks like there is a lot you can do with Okta. However, I’m a bit overwhelmed, don’t really know how to start and the partially found blog articles also seem to be a bit outdated.
What would I like to do? I would like to create an asp .net core webapi where you can authenticate yourself with a jwt-token from Okta. I have a developer account and have created a test user. From here on I am unfortunately overstrained and can’t get any further. Meanwhile I’m not even sure if this can be done with Okta. What should I do next? How can the registered user get a token (I would like to do this via Postman, i.e. send username and password), which he can then send in a request to the api?

Thank you very much

Hi @user-823402,

Have you taken a look at the aspnet core sample app repo? -
This will be a good start to get things started.

Build this sample and use your developer account org to login to the sample.
You’ll be able to customize the sample to your needs once you setup the initial stuff.
Hope this helps.