Intranet: Get TOKEN with .NET http client (or SDK) by providing username and password

We have an Angular 8 in front-end and .NET Core 3.1 in the back-end that is hosted into a private network (not accessible from outside) and we want to integrate Okta for authentication and authorization.

Currently, our applications have methodologies for login with Active Directory or Database users, and I wonder if there is a way to get a token with a .NET http client by providing username and password to Okta APIs?

I need that token to give back to the front-end because our infrastructure was built this way and any callback from the outside is not possible.

Any help is appreciated. If you require any more details please ask.

Hello. If I am understanding your scenario correctly then I’m not sure if there’s a built-in solution at Okta to handle this. Take a look at the resource owner flow here:

I THINK this would solve your first request of sending credentials from a backend server to obtain tokens. However this would not send the tokens to your front end. Perhaps if you setup some sort of gateway or proxy in the middle to route the response from Okta?