Creating new roles and permissions for an Okta user

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I was wondering if there is any way I can create new roles/ permissions for an okta user.

I did go through some documentations

It looks like new roles can only be created if I have okta in preview/production mode. Is that correct? How can I create an okta account in preview mode?

I’m taking a look into this to see why you aren’t able to enable it yourself. Bear with me while I check internally.

@Ortizs @andrea

So My use case is this - I want to create some custom permissions like Read, Write , Update and map those permissions to different custom groups and ultimately propagate those values to the Access / Identity token

How Can I do that?

@gomze please open a support case to get assistance with this, as it seems the main blocker for you is even having the option to create custom admin roles, which will require a support team member manually enabling the feature on our side.

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