Custom Login flow using Aws Lambda

Our team is working on customising the existing okta login page. Users on our Domain have multiple usernames with which they can log in. To resolve these usernames into one specific username which will be used to log into Okta we wish to call a lambda function on aws which resolves the username and returns the required value. Using this name, we wish to login into okta with the entered password. Is this possible by modifying the existing login page with extra javascript code? Any existing documentation for such a process would be helpful.

Maybe check out the transformUsername and processCreds functions for the widget? This should work for an Okta hosted custom widget (Custom URL domain set up required), and might fit your needs.

Hey Thanks @andrea for the reply, was able to get it working using the transformUsername function

Here is the code for anyone in a similar situation

var config = OktaUtil.getSignInWidgetConfig();
config.transformUsername = function(username,operation) {
//Your logic to transform the username as per your requirements
//in our case this was a call to a lambda function
return transformedUsername;

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