Custom login missing input fields. SDK okta-vue okta-signin-widget

I cloned the samples-js–vue/custom-login git repo, installed it, added my development credentials, and ran the dev server. The component login renders just fine and everything appears to be working as it should.

When I replicate everything in my actually app login component, I see the “The Okta Sign-In Widget is running in development mode” warning in the console and I don’t see any javascript errors. The renderEl() function appends the html for the login form down to the ‘auth-content-inner’ div but nothing more. There are no inputs or labels.

I’ve tried everything I can think of. Has anyone else experienced this, has a suggestion or possibly a solution? Thanks ahead of time.

UPDATE: I noticed another post that is exactly the same issue I am having. I am importing the assets that the widget needs in the login component. (Okta Custom Login Widget loads empty)