Custom Login with Springboot and Authorization Code Flow

Is it possible to configure a custom UI login form instead of using the Okta login form with the Authorization Code flow?

I would like to have a route to login and host my own login form so I can customize the look and feel.

We have a sample repo which uses the okta sign-in widget to customize your login experience.
It doesn’t use our spring-boot client library though.

You can take a look at the sample code here -

We also have an example application that uses the spring-boot library with custom login page -

@bdemers can help you with any questions you have. :slight_smile:

@josh.hardy.ufen for okta/samples-java-spring take a look at:
This code will be merged to master really soon, so if that branch no longer exists, it has already been merged and will be (for future googlers)

Okta also supports a hosted custom login page, on some of the tiers.

what tiers are these? I don’t see this called out in the pricing page.

also, without customizing the login page, how does one have social login as part of the free tier?

Yep, I have an example in python/flask here in github… The documentation for configuring everything is a bit scant but you can take a look at the code while I update the docs to give a more full Okta walk through on setting up the example.

Here is a link to the pricing for the developer licenses, reach out to the “contact us” option for more questions on pricing and additional tiers that may better fit your uses cases

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For the Social login, that comes standard with the free tier. The Okta Sign On Widget supports social Auth out of the box but you can check out our reference docs here for Social Auth integration:

Ok. Thanks. If I understand you right, the free developer tier does allow for a custom login widget which is how we can use the social login experience such as Facebook Login.

It’s difficult to use just a single tutorial. It seems like they all have a piece of information that I need.

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