Custom registration and MFA: Redirecting user to okta-hosted MFA setup right after manually registering and creating a user

I’m working on a proof of concept in which we’ve manually created / registered a user through our own custom form. Upon successfully creating an okta user with a password and recovery questions, we’re interested in redirecting the user to an okta-hosted MFA setup / enrollment. Is the only way to get to the MFA setup / enrollment through the sign-in process?, or is there a way to bring the users straight to the MFA enrollment process directly after our custom registration?

I apologize in advance for potentially missing things in documentation. I’ve been reading and absorbing as much as I can.

@mwitmer Hi, you can working on the factors with Okta API. You can design the process with our APIs.
What documentation you were looking at?

Thanks for the response on this:

The direction we ended up going was to opt in to using the sign-in widget within our own application because it gave us more options.

Since the sign-in widget gives us the control to potentially pass in a state token (if we choose to make a request for it), we learned how this could potentially bypass manually logging in. At the moment, we’re still going through a manual log-in step after the following steps:

  1. The user registers in our application,

  2. They click on the activation link in their email

  3. They provide a password and security question

After this, the flow we currently have will still have them manually log in and its nice that the widget handles MFA enrollment for us.