Direct Okta Sign In Widget To Setup Phone Number

Is there anything i can pass into the widget to direct it to the MFA phone setup?

For example the setup button for phone in my /enduser/settings directs me to the sign in where i can directly enter my phone. How is this done? Is there something i need to pass to the widget like a ‘hint’ to tell it which react route to render?

To direct the widget to the MFA phone setup or any specific sign-in or registration flow, you typically have to configure the Okta policies and factor enrollment settings within your Okta Admin Dashboard. This configuration allows you to control how MFA is initiated and presented to users. You would not directly pass a “hint” or route to the widget.

Here are the general steps to achieve this in Okta:

  1. Access Okta Admin Dashboard: Log in to your Okta Admin account and access the Okta Admin Dashboard.
  2. Configure Authentication Policies: In the Okta Admin Dashboard, navigate to “Security” or the relevant section where authentication policies are configured.
  3. Set Up MFA Policies: Configure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) policies. You can define when MFA is required, under what conditions, and which factors (such as SMS, phone, email) are available.
  4. Factor Enrollment Settings: Set up factor enrollment settings, specifying which MFA factors should be offered to users. You can control whether users are prompted to enroll in a particular factor during registration or sign-in.
  5. Authentication Flows: Configure authentication flows to trigger MFA based on your organization’s specific requirements.
  6. Testing and User Experience: After configuring your policies, test the MFA setup to ensure it behaves as expected. Users will be directed to the MFA setup or challenge automatically based on the policies you’ve defined.

It’s typically the policies and factor settings that control the user experience for MFA, rather than passing hints directly to the widget. You can use the Okta Admin Dashboard to fine-tune these settings according to your organization’s requirements.

thanks for the information. Though the scenario is more like the following

  • User navigates to site
  • Logs in
  • Completes MFA with the app, lets say
  • Navigate to the profile page (our page)
  • Enroll a phone number for MFA with the Okta widget

Now is there a way i can host the Okta widget in our profile page and reuse the pages it already has for MFA. Right now i can kind of produce this with the /enduser/settings page hosted by Okta. I choose set up phone for MFA and I am directed to a page with the Okta widget and it asks me to set up my phone. the url is something like /authenticators/setup/{id}

Hello, can anyone point me to something? Seems the Okta Signin Widget supports it but I don’t know what to pass to make it work