Customize registration and secret question page

Would like to know if the registration dialog when user clicks ‘Sign up’ can be customised and also when the customer first logs in and has to set up their secret question, can those 2 pages be styled differently?

We’re in the process of customising the login page, once our domain has been secured… so would it pull the styling from there? I can’t see any options to do it…


Hi @MoSoft

The text on the sign-in widget can be easily customizable by modifying the i18n translations, as described here.

Regarding the activation page, this can not be unfortunately customized.

Thank you for the response. Apologise, should have added a bit more context - we are developing a .net application - which uses Okta.Aspnetcore, so we aren’t using the sign-in widget - so I assume the ‘Sign-on/Register’ dialog cannot be customized?