Customize Web UI on Android

I’ve been looking over the ‘sign-in-kotlin’ sample, which is inside the ‘samples-android’ repo, found here:

I successfully edited the config.json and gradle files to execute a login, but I’m a bit confused on how to customize the look of the web-based widget that pops up. The web developers were able to change the logo at the top and add some social logins to the widget UI, and it appeared to be done through the config, but I can’t trigger any changes and I can’t find anything in the docs on how this is done on Android.

Any help would be appreciated here!

Hi @Kevin.Harris

Did you check the custom Okta-hosted sign-in page feature? This option gives you the possibility to add Okta as CNAME subdomain under your domain and allows you to modify the authentication page with further options.

If you don’t have this feature enabled, please send an email to and request for CUSTOMIZABLE_SIGN_IN_PAGE.

Once this is done, you will need to set the feature in your Okta tenant and modify the Android UI to point to Okta CNAME subdomain. From there, you can change the authentication page from under Admin >> Settings >> Customization >> Custom Sign In (if you are in the developer console interface, you will need to switch to Classic UI from top left corner).

You can find here some samples for custom sign-in pages.

So, to be clear, the sign-in page that pops up inside my Android app is actually hosted and there is no way for the app to customize it locally?

Hi @Kevin.Harris

It can be customized if you use the custom domain feature and change the issuer to the custom domain one. In this way, from Admin >> Settings >> Customization >> Custom Sign In, you would be able to change the layout.