Customizing HelpLinks Not Working in Angular 10


I’m trying to override the helpLinks on a self-hosted login widget in an Angular 10 project.

I’m following the guide at: but none of the values I pass to the widget are being shown.

Is there another way to provide these values? or?


@Brandon Hi, can I ask if you are able to see the options under HelpLinks “Need help signing in?” in the sign in form?

I added a few code snippets and test in Live-widget. It works fine. Please have a try with the below example.

signInWidgetConfig = {
// Enable or disable widget functionality with the following options. Some of these features require additional configuration in your Okta admin settings. Detailed information can be found here:
// Look and feel changes:
logo: ‘//’, // Try changing “” to other domains, like: “”, “”, or “
language: ‘en’, // Try: [fr, de, es, ja, zh-CN] Full list:
i18n: {
//Overrides default text when using English. Override other languages by adding additional sections.
‘en’: {
‘primaryauth.title’: ‘Sign In’, // Changes the sign in text
‘primaryauth.submit’: ‘Sign In’, // Changes the sign in button
// More e.g. [primaryauth.username.placeholder, primaryauth.password.placeholder, needhelp, etc.].
// Full list here:
helpLinks: {
** help: ‘’,**
** forgotPassword: ‘’**
** },**
// Changes to widget functionality
features: {
registration: true, // Enable self-service registration flow
rememberMe: true, // Setting to false will remove the checkbox to save username


Also, you can refer the source code of sign in widget configuration on GH.

Hi Lijia,

Thank you for the documentation links. When I supply the helpLinks options to add custom links, they are not reflected in the widget output. However, I am able to override the logo and other values.

We’re using a self-hosted widget. Do we need to change something in our Okta config to allow those links to be added?


@Brandon Can you please provide the screenshots of your code snippets and the widget form you see for now?

Here’s the Angular component:

and the login component running:

@Brandon In the form, did you try to click “Need help signing in?” You should see a few options(help, forgot password and ect.) after you expanding the link.

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Well, now I see them :slightly_smiling_face:

Is there any way to hide or customize the “Help” link text and URL?

Sounds cool! Yes, just like the sample code I post earlier.
helpLinks: {
** help: ‘’,**
** forgotPassword: ‘’**
** },**

Please try to add the above code snippets to helpLinks.

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