Deactivate rules from application push groups

Good morning,

I’m looking for a way with the REST API to list, activate and deactivate rules from application push groups (such as Okta Org2Org app).

From Okta documentation I haven’t find anything related to it.
Is there someone who has made it possible ? Or has the solution ?

This need comes from a PowerShell script I’m currently developing using other Okta APIs call which are working perfectly with Oauth2 (Authorization code flow).

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@NicolasLoriot Are you referring Okta group rules? Here Okta API doc.
Here is a full list of Okta API.

Thanks for your answer.

No I’m not !

I’m referring to those as highlighted on the following screenshot from the HMI

@NicolasLoriot I do not see any public API for this specific group push rule request.