Deactivate user on registration

I’m investigating if Okta would be a good fit for our company. One of the requirements is to deactivate a user on registration. We need this functionality because in a B2B e-commerce flow the business-user will first need to follow some internal flows before activating the user.

In the docs ( it says you can use com.okta.action.update to ALLOW or DENY the registration. I want to ALLOW but at the same time deactivate the user.

Can this be done with the registration inline hook? Or can this be done any other way?

Rather than the user being deactivated upon registration you could create a workflow that places them in an alternative user state until your flow is complete

User States
Access Request Workflow

Thanks Jordan. I looked into your answer. Am I correct that Access Request Workflow requires the end-user (=customer) to manually add the app after he has registered? Or can you add an app automatically without end-user action required.

2nd question:
I’m in step 6 under the “Configure the App Approval Workflow” inside I don’t see the APPROVAL options (required / not required). What could be the cause of that?

You could use group rules as a part of your workflow and the user will automatically have the app assigned to them based upon your defining criteria

Regarding your 2nd question did you select ‘yes’ in step 4 “Specify whether you want to allow end users to request this app.”?

Thanks Again Jordan for your help but i’m not seeing options that according to the I should see.

problem 1:
for the “Configure the App Approval Workflow” I did specify yes for “Specify whether you want to allow end users to request this app.” in step 4

problem 2:
I looked into the group rules but I cannot see rules tab under Directory > Groups like it says in “Create group rules” in page This is at step 2.

Am I not using the right platform? I encounter both problems in both the ‘classic UI’ and in the ‘developer console’


That is indeed a strange issue regarding problem 1.
If you select No instead of Yes under ‘Allow users to request app’ does it change any of the available options?

For problem 2 could you upload a screenshot by chance?

I don’t really know why, but the developer account has way less options than a ‘normal’ free trial account. I switched to a normal trial account and have more options now.