Debugging Inline Hooks


I’m wondering if there is any way to debug the response received by Okta to an inline hook request. I’ve tested the inline hook rest api through postman and the response looks valid (listed below). I’ve also been able to test the okta inline hook functionality successfully through another mock api.

The inline hook fails with the following error.
[Could not deserialize inline hook response due to error at Line 1 Column 10]

However, the response to the inline hook invocation json response is valid and the character at column 10 is the colon (:slight_smile: in the raw data.

Any suggestions to debug would be greatly appreciated.


“result”: “SUCCESS”,
“commands”: [
“type”: “com.okta.user.profile.update”,
“value”: {
“state”: “VIC”,
“postCode”: “3125”,
“telephone”: “(03) 9274 0910”,
“extensionAttribute5”: “1203”,
“extensionAttribute6”: “1101”,
“extensionAttribute7”: “1001”,
“extensionAttribute8”: “R12”,
“extensionAttribute9”: “OPS03”,
“extensionAttribute10”: null
“result”: “CREATE”,
“type”: “com.okta.action.update.import”
“debugContext”: {
“stuff”: “The user profile was updated”

Managed to get it working. There was nothing wrong with the response. Still, it would be nice to have access to okta logs to see what it receives as the response to an inline hook invocation.

May I know what is the solution for this?. I am facing the same issue.



The response payload that I had listed above is correct.

There was a mapping error in integration and therefore the response returned to Okta was incorrect, hence the issue. Unfortunately, due to the limited debug messages available in Okta it was difficult to identify easily.

Hope it helps.