Delay in activating users?


I’m using the “@okta/okta-auth-js” package in a react app, and “@okta/okta-sdk-nodejs” in the backend.

I’m trying to diagnose a problem that a client claims they had. They claim that after creating and confirming their account, when they try to log in, they get a E0000004 error for about 2 minutes, after which they can log in normally.

I’m only showing the message “you can now log in” to the user after in the backend, the oktaClient.activateUser(userId) has ran succesfully. And they claim they saw that message.

So my question is, is it somehow possible that after running (and awaiting) the activateUser() call, the status of the user remains STAGED for a little while longer?

Thanks a lot
Dieter Walckiers

@dyte Hi, can I ask if you are talking about this code package? Can you please open your code issue to the below link (under the issues tab)?

Ok, I’m sorry. Will do!