Developer account for testing

I tried to create a Developer account using my work email but for some reason I have not received the Verification email notice.
To test a few things, do I have to have a developer account that is linked to my company ?
Does my company have to set up a with OKTA for me to test something, we are not sure if we will go that route with OKTA as we are a small company with limited budget

I am trying to test SAML in an IDP Initiated scenario, and I was following a blog that asked to create a developer account, hence my questions.

You should be able to signup for a developer Org at
You might want to open a case with support so you can give them your email and they can check on the status.

What is the support contact.
It seems very tedious to contact anyone .
I want to set up my developer account. I did not receive an activation email


  • US: (tel:1-800-219-0964)
  • US Federal/HIPAA: (tel:1-866-993-6123)
  • AU: (tel:1800 095 441)
  • DE: (tel:49800 723 4788)
  • FR: (tel:0800 914 949)
  • NL: (tel:0800 022 4471)
  • UK: (tel:0800 808 5574)

You can check if there is something blocked with your email.

Please do check, I blocked from completing my development as I need my develop account to complete some testing

@jawahar, I definitely recommend calling one of the Support numbers @erik provided, they can help with any issues you’re running into setting up the account, including checking if the email was sent to you

So you are not able to help , there is no online chat either to help me ?

not at this time, no