Developer Org capabilities to test MFA

I’d used Okta a few years ago but am not familiar with the product naming now. I’d like to create an Okta Developer Org in order to test mostly Identity type capabilities like FastPass, Adaptive MFA, SAML SSO for a test app. Hoping to be able to create a couple of cloud users and then test MFA login and other processes, have them login to the test SAML App.

It appears these features are part of the “Okta Identity Engine”, I was looking at the developer orgs available and it looks like the closest free non-trial limited be the “Okta Developer Edition Service”

Wondering if anyone know if the Okta Org that you get with the Okta Developer Edition Service includes the main Okta Identity Engine features to allow me to do this type of MFA testing. Thanks,

Okta Developer Edition orgs are now created on Okta Identity Engine instead of Okta Classic

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