Disable automatic authentication request on self service registration

I’m using the self service registration option enabled via the sign in widget.
The thing is that an authentication request is sent automatically with the activation token.
I understand that the activation token is meant for a single use.
But I need to keep the activation token and authenticate with it elsewhere. I keep getting “Authentication failed” errors when trying to authenticate with the activation token.
So how can I prevent the automatic authentication on registration and use the activation token myself?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hm. What kind of application have you made to gather the activation token?

I’m not sure what you mean.
Are you asking what I’m doing with the activation token?

No how did you gather the activation token?

Right now it’s quite a hack so maybe that’s where the problem is at.
I’m putting it in the url as a query parameter and then sending it to the backend via the autorization header.

Ah I see. The activation token isn’t a token. It’s more of a code. Tokens (such as an access token or id token via openid) can be used for authorisation but require the user logging in. You should be able to get the tokens once the registration is complete. You should use them to authorises against your 3rd party app (or backend service).

I think I need change my authentication flow a bit.

Thank you very much!

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