Does anyone has detail about this bug, OKTA-185632?


I have found the problem when updating primary email from my app. It automatically updates the username with the new email value.

Moreover, I have found this bug fix title in the release note of 2018.36.

  • OKTA-185632 – Mapping from a user’s primary email to their username was not enforced when the user’s primary email was changed by an admin.

Is there any more information about this bug’s detail. Why they have to force mapping the primary email with username?

I just found that it is not only apply the updating by admin, it apply to every users who update their own primary email address.

For example, when I login as a user click edit profile the update new email. After click confirmation email, it always stuck in the email change confirmed page.

Thanks in advance.

I would recommend sending this issue to

Thanks for your suggestion. :slight_smile: