Does Okta offer support for integrating authentication in Angular 16 applications using standalone components?

Hi there @Ankita07 !

The latest okta-angular and okta-auth-js libraries definitely work with standalone, although we do have a little more work to make the okta-angular library module-less for better ergonomics.

Here’s a standalone example using latest Okta and Angular v17 (but it doesn’t have Angular Material, although I don’t anticipate problems there). A blog post and updated quickstart are forthcoming.

Based on first glance at the errors, it appears like it’s an imports or providers issues. Would you mind sharing your main.ts app configuration (feel free to redact your Okta issuer and clientid configs)?

Also, I’ll link another devforum post on this topic, as there may be overlap and updates posted to it:

Let us know how it goes!