Does Okta support multiple Self-Service Registration forms?

Another non-standard requirement, requiring 9 custom Self-Service Registration forms.

The websites each have 3 User Roles: Subscriber, Basic Member, Full Member.
Each User Role is associated with the 3-types of content on the website: Subscriber content, Member content, and Full Member content respectively.

There are strict separation rules for users – for example, becoming a Full Member of Website1 does not make you a Full Member of Website2 or Website3. (This design contravenes a major benefit of SSO, but the client’s firm on it for the reason of giving users control over what websites they’re a member of.)

Non-logged-in users attempting to access any one of Subscriber, Member, or Full member content need to be presented with one of the website’s three Self-Service Registration forms. (These 3 registration forms relate to the level of access the content requires)

My question for the community is:
1. Does Okta SSO allow me to have multiple customised Self-Service Registration forms?
2. If so could someone please direct me to documentation on this. (I’ve had a robust look, but if it’s there I can’t find it.)

Hi @rook

You can leverage the Registration Inline Hook in order to set up custom attributes for user’s profile, for example

{"commands":[{"type":"com.okta.user.profile.update","value":{"role":"Subscriber content"}}]}

From there, once the user is created in Okta with the custom attribute populated, you can use Group Rules to assign the user to a specific group depending on the role and content and have this group assigned to the respective OIDC applications which are for Website1, Website2 and Website3.

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